Kerala: If not the King, the BJP will definitely be the kingmaker, see what Metro Man said too

Kerala: If not the King, the BJP will definitely be the kingmaker, see what Metro Man said too

E Sridharan, better known as Metro Man, hopes to form the BJP government in Kerala. He told a news agency that the party would get an absolute majority in the state or get so many seats as a kingmaker. 88-year-old E Sridharan claimed this while talking to Japan News Agency (ANI).

He said, “ I think it will have a tremendous impact on the morale of the people, which has been left over by the governments of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the United Democratic Front (UDF). People will vote for the BJP. Not only that, but Sridharan also claimed that he would win the election from the seat of Palakkad.

Also earlier, he said in an interview with a news channel that if we didn’t have a party like the BJP here (Kerala), this state would get out of control. Let us tell you that The 88-year-old Sridharan joined the BJP on February 26, improving transportation system including metro train in Delhi and many cities of the country. Let me tell you that in one stage elections will be held on April 6th for 140 seats in Kerala state.

Barbs for washing feet and touching them

BJP candidate from Kerala “Metro Man” E Sridharan, BJP candidate, has been attacked by left parties for wiping and touching the feet of the voters. Pictures of some people touching and washing Sridharan’s feet have spread on social media. In one photo, a voter worships at Sridharan’s feet while others show women touching their feet.

On the controversy, the BJP candidate said that people pay their respects to him in accordance with Indian tradition. Condemning his critics, 88-year-old Sridharan said this is our Indian tradition. What’s wrong with this? People respect him. They weren’t worshiping me.

In this regard, he was criticized by the leader of the Communist Party of China and Rajya Sabha MP Benoy Biswam, saying that the leaders of the BJP described it as an Indian tradition. In fact, he is worshiping him by washing his feet. This is just one example of the direction in which the BJP is heading the country. He said that the country viewed Sridharan as “the Christ of modern technology” but he changed with his entry into the BJP prison and RSS policy.

Metro Man is Modi’s prime minister

In fact, Metro Man-e Sridharan is Narendra Modi’s prime minister. Seven years ago, in 2014, he praised the prime minister that Modi was the most capable and capable leader in the country. The country’s future will be safe in their own hands. After the BJP was suspended, he said that I want to work in the country. That is why he joined the BJP. He also said that joining the BJP is not a one-day decision.

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