Is it necessary to have a COVID-19 negative certificate while traveling on a train? Click here to find out

Is it necessary to have a COVID-19 negative certificate while traveling on a train?  Click here to find out

Are you also traveling by train during the COVID-19 pandemic? Recently, Railways Board Chairman Sunit Sharma, while speaking to PTI, denied the need for passengers to carry a negative COVID-19 certificate to travel on Indian Railways trains. Sharma stated that travelers via the national carrier should only follow the latest COVID-19 guidelines and protocols, issued by state governments due to the escalation of coronavirus cases. The Ministry of Railways has advised rail passengers to wear face masks and maintain social distancing during the train journey.

India’s Railways led by Piyush Goyal said it will continue to provide train services on demand. Currently, the national carrier operates 1,402 private train services on the average Indian Railways network per day. Besides, there are 5,381 local / suburban train services, as well as 830 commuter train services also operating. Besides, a total of 28 special trains are operated by Indian Railways, which is a version of the highly regulated trains. Moreover, to avoid congestion, additional train services are operating in the Central Railroad area from April to May 2021 with 58 trains (29 double trains) and 60 trains (30 double trains) in the Western Railway District. These train services are for high demand destinations like Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Patna, Guwahati, Darbhanga, Varanasi, Barauni, Bokaro, Prayagraj, Ranchi, etc.

According to the Ministry of Railways, in the fiscal year 2020-21, Indian Railways, in freight, carried the highest load capacity on record of 1,232.64 million tons. The national carrier doubled speed of freight trains to 44 kilometers per hour from 24 kilometers per hour the previous year. In addition, the 450 Kisan railway services in operation since August 2020 include more than 1.45,000 tons of agricultural products and perishable materials, according to the ministry.

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