International Family Day 2021: Stand with Self-Help in Managing Each Other and Lifting Morale

International Family Day 2021: Stand with Self-Help in Managing Each Other and Lifting Morale

First a story. Father was flying a kite. The son was watching them carefully. The kite flew high and far. From there, the son began to seem settled. Upon seeing the kite somewhere, the son said to the father, “Daddy, I grabbed the kite door and tied it, so it was unable to go forward in the sky. The father listened to the son and smiled a little and broke the door in his hand. It rose a little, but it began to descend quickly and fell to the ground, and ate the hiccups Unhappy and frustrated by the fall of the kite, the son began to think that now the kite had been freed from the door, so how did it falter?

By understanding a son’s grief, the father lovingly explained to him and said that son, we begin to touch the peaks of success in our lives and earn a lot of money, then we feel that we would have made progress if we had not had other responsibilities. If the family and the family were not bound by bonds of sacrament, they would have gone further. In such a situation, we want to be free of every bond. We feel burdened with our values, our family and our family. But when we feel sad, we seek the same relationships. Happiness comes in the same home, where the family unites and shares their joys and sorrows.

Vatavreksha Hai family: There was a time before the Corona era that after we took over one family, we assumed that gain and plunder, this is just life. But now when the threat to life persists, we look out for each other. It is believed that if the family were together, then we would face all difficulties. So now is the time to take a pledge that family roots will be strengthened and that the strong family tree will not let the strong winds of life bend you.

Handling Relationships: Vivek Attrey is a former IAS Officer. After voluntary retirement, he works to inspire people. He also says, “In India, it is the institution of the family that includes the community.” This does not happen abroad. Not only our family, relatives and friends are also family members and play an important role in our life. We have a very strong family here. If there is one family, they also maintain equal contact with their family members. They talk and talk about their condition and ask about their condition. WhatsApp groups remain families. People talk to loved ones sitting outside using apps like Skype and FaceTime. Even video calls over WhatsApp are becoming very popular and popular. Styles have changed over time. Families are also found on zoom. Relatives from afar also make calls and seek help in difficult times. This indicates the importance of the family. “

LIFE SAVING SWEATER: When we’re on a drive to save lives these days, it is understandable that caring for our loved ones contributes to this. When there is a cloud of crisis in life, and when the boom comes, it saves the family’s lifeboats at sea, and the booms eat up. The secret of your true happiness lies in your loved ones. To keep this jacket safe, we must pledge to keep the family strong. “To make the family strong, let’s forget the differences,” says lifestyle expert Rachna Khanna Singh. Focus on the positive things. At this time, the atmosphere is negative anyway, and if we focus on the negative things of the family, the negativity increases even more. This is the time to be happy with the family. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. We are sitting on a ticking time bomb. We will be happy in every moment if we value the relationship. There is tension outside, and it seems they are on the verge of war. If the boat is sinking, everyone should carry the family life jacket together and move on. “

Don’t add to the gap: Former IAS motivational speaker and motivational speaker Vivek Atre said that if we can’t meet our family members these days, we need to be in constant contact with each other. People on internet media do their homework by writing happy birthday, while at a time like this if we pick up the phone and do two things, that would be fine for both of them. Stay close to those closest to you. Do not increase the distance at any cost. Don’t let disputes run deep to keep the family name alive. Family and friends may be useful during the Corona transition period.

Family spirits: Professor Sociologist from the National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi. Kumar Suresh said that if the family is with you then you will get in spirits, and you are ready to face every crisis because behind you there is an unbreakable wall of the family name. But due to the change in our social outlook in the past decades, the fabric of our common family has been shattered. Now, the need for a conventional system has appeared again at a time of pandemic. His people are missed. Earlier, the whole family was responsible for raising children in captivity. Everyone was sure that if we did not live tomorrow, our children would not be orphans. This belief did not allow us to be stifled even in times of distress, but now that we have lost these values, once again the perseverance of the family is understood, the ability to resolve it with the family increases, and with self-control, the family must maintain the need to create is known.

Increase positivity at home: Lifestyle expert Rachna Khanna Singh said that in the first wave of Corona, we used to say that if we were even with five people, we would overcome this difficult time, but now in the second wave we assume that if we were three people in the family together Also, they are lucky. Family and close friends are important at this time. No family in lockdown is neither experiencing difficulties nor experiencing trauma. Today everyone must take this difficult time through cooperation. Keep the home atmosphere positive. All this can only be done with the help of each other. We are currently at zero. They are all cut off, but the family will take our car forward. The feeling of the need for a joint family began.

Let’s take a pledge.

  • Instead of just thinking of ourselves, we will also think of other members of the house.
  • Instead of talking out loud, if not in your mind, you will approach the whole problem with love.
  • He will try to develop mutual understanding between family members.
  • He will speak with the elders with respect.
  • If there is a need in the family, we will help him.
  • You will understand your responsibility. You will contribute equally to the housework.
  • We’ll cheer each other up at home. Incentives are important to every human being.
  • I will try to keep anger away from myself.
  • With love, the basis of the family will be strengthened.
  • We will not blame anyone for our work.

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