Indian Railways: These 16 trains will no longer be in operation from May 7, and the railways have released the list!

The Indian Railways canceled many trains due to the Corona crisis, the Eastern Railways canceled 16 trains, and the Eastern Railways canceled 16 trains which will affect the passengers of West Bengal and Bihar. In a situation like this if you have made a plan to go somewhere then you should definitely check this list before you travel.


Train Number – 02019 Howrah Ranchi

Train Number – 02020 Ranchi Howrah

Train number – 02339 Howrah-Denbad

Train number – 02340 Dnbad Howrah

Train number – 03027 Howrah-Azimganj

Train number – 03028 Azimganj-Howrah

Train Number – 03047 Howrah – Rampurhat

Train Number: 03048 Rampurhat Howrah

Train number – 03 117 Kolkata-Lalgola

Train number – 03 118 Lalgola-Kolkata

Train Number – 03187 Silda Rampurhat

Train number 03188 Rampurhat Silda

Train Number – 03401 Bhagalpurdanpur

Train number – 03402 Danapur-Bhagalpur

Train number – 03502 Asansol-Haldia

Train number – 03501 Haldia-Asansol

Trains are being disinfected

Eastern Railway reported that the 03401 and 03402 Special Express have been canceled from Bhagalpur to Jamalpur, Kiul, Mokama, Barh, Bakhtiyarpur, Fatuha, Patna City, Patna Junction to Danapur since May 7, this 6 train will continue until May.

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