I’m Alive: Aadhaar is no longer necessary to prove retired

I'm Alive: Aadhaar is no longer necessary to prove retired

Retirees will not be required to show their Aadhaar card to prove their presence. The central government has relieved this obligation in the new rules. The Sandesh messaging solution and biometric attendance system for government offices removed the imperative Aadhaar number.

Earlier, verification was mandatory for these services under the Aadhaar-2020 Good Governance Authentication Rules. According to the notification issued by the Union Ministry of Information Technology and Electronics, Aadhaar verification in Proof of Life will be voluntary and not mandatory.

Firms must offer life certification options. The National Information Center (NIC) will be required to follow the 2016 Aadhaar Act, 2016 Aadhaar Regulation, UIDAI Office Memorandum, Circulars and Guidelines.

Likewise, the Ministry has also revoked Aadhaar’s verification of Sandesh’s application. The NIC developed this application within the framework of the Government Instant Messaging System Project, which is being used in government departments.

The app concept has been confirmed by 150 organizations including NITI Aayog, CBI, Ministry of Information Technology and Electronics, CBI, Railways, Army and Navy, National Security Council Secretariat, Bureau of Intelligence, BSF, CRPF, Communications Department and Ministry. Internal affairs. The government also wants to make the app available to the general public. The Aadhaar requirement has also been removed for the biometric attendance system.

Retirees were constantly complaining

In fact, the digital life certificate service was created to solve the problem of retirees where the elderly retirees have to appear before the pension sharing agency or at the time of retirement their corporation certificate was alive in the pension payment agency. It must be deposited.

Because of digital life testimonials, these elders were specifically excused from appearing in their company. Many retirees had to face the problem of not receiving a pension due to the lack of clarity of their fingerprints.

However, some government agencies began to resort to another option to issue pensions to retirees in the same 2018.

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