How long will Corona worsen the situation in India? Click here to see the expert’s opinion

How long will Corona worsen the situation in India?  Click here to see the expert's opinion

Coronavirus crisis is increasing continuously. There is also a shortage of oxygen in the country. But now many steps are being taken from the central government to the state government, because of which the hypoxia will soon end. The question on everyone’s minds when will the situation deteriorate from Corona? If you are also concerned about the situation in India, then you know what the experts have to say about the current situation …

While talking about the coexistence event, Dr Devi Shetty told how long would these conditions be right in India? “We’ve seen many problems,” says Dr. Shetty. When we started going to war with Corona, we only had PPT, the ventilator, but in a few weeks, we were now in a position to export. The doctor believes that we are in a country under any circumstances. It can fight and change positions very quickly.

In a few days, everything will be fine

Regarding the state of oxygen, the doctor said: “It did not occur to anyone that they would do something like this, but in the country of youth, people go out for their needs and because of the nature of the virus, it has increased dramatically.” However, I am confident that due to the government and industry, the problem of oxygen will be removed. We have many steel plants and soon things will be under control because of them. “

This may be the problem

However, Dr Shetty cautioned that the shortage of medical staff could become a huge problem for India. But India can also bridge this gap very easily.

Dr Shetty said, “Among those who came positive, 5 percent of people need an ICU. In such a case, 80,000 ICU beds are needed every day. India has 75-80,000 ICU beds. Only, it is full and the Corona virus does not after it has reached its climax, every patient who goes to the intensive care unit stays in the hospital for at least 10 days, so from this point, you can get an idea of ​​the situation.

He said, “India is currently needing 5 extra ICU beds in a few weeks’ time, so doctors and nurses are also needed.

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