Fraud: Card data purchased from Karachi, 2 crores for online shopping in Gujarat

Fraud: Card data purchased from Karachi, 2 crores for online shopping in Gujarat

Gujarat Police have arrested three people for shopping online for Rs 2 crore by purchasing credit and debit card information. Police officials said on Saturday that the trio purchased data for this card of US and Canadian citizens on the dark web (underworld of the internet) in exchange for bitcoins from Pakistani citizens.

According to a crime branch official, police have arrested Harshvardan Parmar, Kalbash Sinha and Moheil Lalwani. He got information about cards from two people in Karachi and after that, he made gold coins, cell phones, electronic gadgets etc. from shopping from an online shopping platform.

He later sold the same merchandise on another online shopping platform for a huge profit. According to the police, with the help of the stolen credit and debit card data, Parmar and Sinha bought 70-70 lakhs and Lalwani bought 60 lakh rupees. According to the police, the three were charged under Article 406, Section 420, and Section 120B of the International Penal Code as well as provisions of the Information Technology Law.

The deal is done on the Telegram app

According to the police, the mastermind of the fraud is Harsh Vardan Parmar, who called Jia Mustafa and Saddam HV through Telegram app from Karachi to purchase the card data. Mustafa and Saddam got paid in bitcoin and provided it with an ID and password, allowing them to access data on the dark web. Then, Parmar shared several credit and debit card numbers, his CVV number and expiration date, etc. with his dark web mates.

The purchase of the SIM card is on a fake address

The three defendants also bought three phone cards via fake addresses from other countries to shop online. Parmar made the online purchase via SIM card purchased from Odisha.

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