Twitter account hack of PM Modi’s personal website, hackers delete twitter seeking Bitcoin, Twitter gave this big statement


The Twitter account of the personal website of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hacked. Hackers hacked PM Modi’s personal website account and demanded Bitcoin. Some details of hackers who hacked this Twitter account also came to light. John Wick ( hacked the twitter handle of PM Modi’s personal website and demanded Bitcoin in donations for the Kovid-19 Relief Fund.

The tweet was removed shortly after the account was hacked. Earlier hackers hacked Twitter a count and tweeted three and kept the demand for crypto currency. In one of the three consecutive tweets, the hackers wrote that they appeal to people to donate to the PM Relief Fund created for Kovid-19. The hackers were named John Wick.

In this case, a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement, ‘We are aware of this incident and steps have been taken to protect the compromised account. We are rapidly investigating this entire matter. At the moment, we are not informed of any other account being affected.

Let us tell you that the Twitter account of PM Modi’s personal website is a verified account, which has more than 25 lakh followers. There was a recent news about this hackers group John Bik, in which they were accused of stealing data from Paytm Mall. He was accused of demanding ransom in exchange for data. Hackers hacked PM Modi’s account and also wrote that they did not hack Paytm Mall account.

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