Department of Health directive: Now every state must take a 70 percent RT-PCR per day

Department of Health directive: Now every state must take a 70 percent RT-PCR per day

In order to further the investigation of the Coronavirus, the government has decided that every state must now perform a corona test at a rate of 70 percent daily through RT-PCR. To date, most antigen investigations are taking place in most states. Nationwide, 49 to 50 percent of investigations are performed daily with antigen groups. These kits are cheap and give results in a short time.

The Ministry of Health gave the order to the states

The Federal Ministry of Health issued instructions to all states after Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with prime ministers on Wednesday. Under this, everyone with an antigen test should undergo RT-PCR testing. Or it can be triggered only by RT PCR assay.

At least 70 percent of the investigation will be performed daily by RT-PCR. In about three to four hours with RT-PCR, it is known whether or not a person has a corona infection.

All communications will be investigated

The Ministry of Health has ordered that at least 30 people in contact with an infected patient be identified and examined within 72 hours. It can also be understood that if a report of an infected person is found on Monday, it is imperative that all persons who have come into contact with him are investigated until Thursday.

Corona rose 500 percent in Ratlam

The biggest impact of Corona was seen in Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh state in the country. In Ratlam County, there has been a 500% increase in the number of patients getting infected every day, which is the most severe situation compared to any other area.

The Ministry of Health prepared the report of affected districts in 12 states

After the prime minister’s meeting on Wednesday, the Federal Ministry of Health has prepared a report for 70 counties in 12 states. It saw an increase of up to 500 percent. According to the report, between March 1 and 15, Punjab saw Rupnagar 256, Amritsar 123, Moga 100, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar 51 and Kapurthala 51 percent of cases.

Yamunanagar 300, Karnal 245, Faridabad 225, Panchkula 215, Kaithal 180, Kurukshetra 158, Ambala 121 and Gurugram accounted for 15% of new infections in Haryana. The number of Sirmour 367 Solan from Himachal Pradesh increased by 267 percent. Apart from these, there has also been a huge increase in the number of patients in Delhi and Chandigarh. In several provinces of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, the incidence has increased by up to 400%.

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