Crisis: Vaccine shortage in country until July, Adar Poonawala made a big revelation

Crisis: Vaccine shortage in country until July, Adar Poonawala made a big revelation

The possibility that the Coronavirus will cause such a dangerous situation, can hardly anyone guess. The only weapon in fighting Corona is its vaccine, but there are many states and provinces in the country where there are complaints about a vaccine shortage.

There will be a vaccine shortage until July – Poonawala

Here, the third phase of the vaccination campaign began in the country on May 1, but the lack of vaccines led to a slowdown in the campaign. Meanwhile, Adar Poonawalla, CEO of the Serum Institute, the company that makes the Coffeeshield vaccine from Oxford and AstraZeneca, made a big statement. He said there could be a shortage of vaccines in the country by July.

According to an English media website report, Adar Poonawala said it will take until July to increase production capacity from 60-70 million doses to 100 million doses per day. There is a shortage of vaccinations when the center agreed to introduce vaccines for those over the age of 18 years.

“The second wave was not expected to come in January.”

The report quoted Poonawala as saying that officials are not expected to face a second wave in January when new cases of COVID-19 decreased. Everyone started to feel that the country had defeated the first wave of Corona.

‘I tried to discredit the serum institute.’

Defending his company, Poonawala said there was an attempt to discredit the serum institute by politicians and critics due to the vaccine shortage. In terms of making more vaccines, Adar Poonawala said we have not had any pre-orders, and we don’t think we will have to make 1 billion doses a year.

On Saturday night, Poonawala posted on Twitter that a meeting had taken place with all stakeholders and partners in the UK, although it was a good idea to let the people present at the meeting know that Kovishield’s production in Pune is taking place on Zoro.

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