Covid-19: Corona regained momentum after five months, what will the situation in the country be during the next 45 days

Covid-19: Corona regained momentum after five months, what will the situation in the country be during the next 45 days

It has been more than a year since the Coronavirus wreaked havoc. Daily infection cases in the country began to decline after mid-September, dropping to 10,000 in mid-February, but after February 15, the Corona virus came back again. The number of deaths from Covid has also increased dramatically. In several states including Maharashtra, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, the situation is very poor. In such a case, what will the situation in the country be like during the next 45 days, find out here …

Despite the weak health system in the two most populous states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the situation was not catastrophic. So far, 615,996 coronavirus patients have been found in Uttar Pradesh and more than 8,800 people have died of COVID-19. Meanwhile, 265,268 coronavirus patients were found in Bihar and 1574 people lost their lives. To date, more than 1,215,000 people have been infected in India and 162,523 people have died. 5% of all coronavirus cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh and 2.18% in Bihar. 5.15% of deaths occurred in UP and less than 1% in Bihar.

Maharashtra: 1,388 coronavirus patients contract it every hour

In Maharashtra, which has been hit hardest by coronavirus, the infection is increasing at a very fast pace. Here, the number of patients increased from 27 to 28 lakhs in just three days. That is, 1 patient increased in 72 hours. Within an average of one hour, 1,388 patients are received every hour in Maharashtra. In large states like Andhra Pradesh, AB, Rajasthan and West Bengal, the number of patients receiving treatment per day is much lower. A total of 2,812,980 people have become positive so far in the state. There were 54,649 deaths. Both of these numbers are the highest in India.

Random test at airport and railway station in Delhi

Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said the positivity rate in Delhi has been around 3% in the past few days. In Delhi, we’ve increased testing, and now we’re running more than 80,000 tests daily. Orders were issued to increase 220 beds in the intensive care unit of private hospitals. A random test for travelers coming to Delhi from states where Corona cases are constantly increasing. During this time, random testing will be conducted at all airports, railway stations and the Interstate Bus Station (ISBT).

Those over the age of 45 will be vaccinated

The Kovid vaccine will also be given to those over the age of 45 across the country. According to population in Delhi, there are a total of 65 people over the age of 45, including 2 million people over 60 years old. Vaccination on a large scale began Thursday. There are 500 vaccination centers in Delhi.

Looking at data from several states, experts say there will be a significant increase in cases of infection in the country over the next 45 days. The only way to avoid this is to strictly adhere to all safety regulations against Corona.

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