Coronavirus prevention: Biotic Spices gets approval for a nasal vaccine test

Coronavirus prevention: Biotic Spices gets approval for a nasal vaccine test

The different types of vaccines to prevent corona are increasing. In this sequence, a nasal vaccine may also be available soon. The Hyderabad-based India Biotechnology Company has approved the first phase of a nasal vaccine test by the Expert Committee of the General Narcotics Controller of India.

This test will be done in the first stage. The committee will not be allowed to conduct the next stage of the exam until after receiving and reviewing its results. According to the company, this vaccine will be tested in four states in the country. These include Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana.

So far, this test was scheduled to be performed in Delhi AIIMS, but as per the request made in the India Clinical Registry on behalf of the company, this test will not be performed in Delhi AIIMS. 175 people between the ages of 18 and 60 will be included in the trial. After that, three different groups will be formed. Two groups will accommodate from 70 to 70 people and the third is for 35 people. The first group will be given a single dose. People in the placebo group will also be given a placebo. While the third group will receive a placebo.

The results for these three groups will also be compared. According to experts, after the nasal vaccine, children will get a lot of benefits. So far, there is no vaccine to protect children from infection, but the expert panel recommended that people under the age of 18 should not be included in this test.

Two phases together have not been approved … A panelist said that last month, Bharat Biotech had submitted the application. The company wanted to start a two-stage trial simultaneously but did not consider the request. After that, a re-request was received, containing all the information related to the first stage of the test. According to the company, this test will begin this month. More information about the nasal vaccine will be available after three months of follow-up.

Now 50-50 lakhs of pollen per day

In the next few days, the Ministry of Health said, 50-50 people are preparing for vaccination every day. An official said that continuing vaccinations, even on holidays, until the end of this month, will show many effects. About 40 to 45 crores people should give us the vaccine in the shortest time possible. For this, it is very important to work on the new system. He said that in the direction of developing herd immunity before the second wave of Corona, it is very important to protect more and more people by taking the vaccine.

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