Coronavirus outbreak in India Latest news updates: The number of Coronavirus infections exceeds 20 million, and India becomes the third country with the highest number of deaths

Coronavirus outbreak in India Latest news updates: The number of Coronavirus infections exceeds 20 million, and India becomes the third country with the highest number of deaths

Coronavirus outbreak in India: India has reached the third largest in the world in terms of the maximum number of deaths due to the Coronavirus. So far, the highest rate in America is 5.92 lakh, in Brazil, 4.04 thousand people have died from Corona. Next, India is where the coronavirus has killed 2.18,000 people so far.

Coronavirus outbreak in India latest news updates:

On On Monday, the number of Corona patients in the country exceeded 2 crores. India is the second country in which more than 20 million people have been infected. The pace of infection is so fast that in just 137 days, cases exceeded Rs 1 crore to 2 crores. During the past 24 hours, 3 thousand 69 thousand and 230 new cases of corona were reported across the country. In the past twenty-four hours, 3,421 people have died from Corona. Meanwhile, 2.99 lakh recovered on Monday.

According to the Ministry of Health data, the total number of people infected with Corona 2 crores 2 lakh reached 75 thousand 543, or 17.13 percent of the total cases. The number of corona deaths in the country increased to 2 lakh 22 thousand 666. So far, 1.62 crores have been cured by defeating this virus. The number of active Corona patients increased to 34,44,548.

India has left Mexico behind in deaths, overtaken India

Mexico is ranked third among the countries with the highest number of deaths. So far, 2 lakh 18 thousand 945 people have died. In this case, America is first. There were 5.92,000 deaths here and 4.07,000 deaths in Brazil. To date, 2.17 deaths have been recorded in Mexico, which has reached the fourth place.

Highest active cases in 12 states, death rate around 1%

The joint secretary of the Ministry of Health, Love Agarwal, said there are 12 states in the country with more than one active case of Lakh. There are between 50,000 coughs in seven states and fewer than 50,000 active cases in 17 states. He said that the death rate in Corona in the country is about 1%. Cases are increasing in Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. New cases have emerged in 12 districts of Maharashtra.

To date, 81.77% of patients have been cured

Love Aggarwal said there is another positive trend in the country. So far, 81.77% of patients in the country have been cured. The recovery rate is constantly increasing. On May 2 the figure was 78%. 82% were done on May 3.

Most of the major states of Maharashtra – 48,621 people were found infected here on Monday. 59,500 people have recovered and 567 have died. To date, 47,000 people have infected 71,000 people in the state. Of these, 40.41 lakh were treated, while 70,851 people died. 6.56 lakh patients are currently being treated.

Uttar Pradesh-

On Monday, 29,052 people were found infected. 38,687 people have recovered and 285 people have died. So far, 13.42 lakh people have been infected in the state. Of these, 10.43,000 had cured, while 13,447 patients died. 2 lakh 85 thousand patients are undergoing treatment.

Delhi: Run On Monday, 18,043 people were found infected with Corona in the country’s capital, Delhi. 20,293 people have recovered and 448. So far, 11,000 people have infected 94,000 people. Of these, 10 lakhs, 85 thousand were treated, while 17,414 patients died. 89,592 are undergoing treatment.

Gujarat – 12,820 people were found infected in the state on Monday. 11,999 people have recovered and 140 have died. To date, 607,422 people have been infected. Of these, 4,52,275 people have recovered, and 7,648 patients have died. 1,447,499 patients are undergoing treatment.

Madhya Pradesh – Run On Monday, 12,062 people were found infected with Corona in the state. 13,408 people have recovered and 93 have died. So far, 6,00,430 people have been infected. Of these, 5,08,775 people have recovered, while 5,905 people have died. 85,750 patients are undergoing treatment.

How many cases of Corona in the world?

Corona cases are increasing all over the world. In the past 24 hours, Corona infection was confirmed in 6 lakh 79 thousand 900 people in the world. During this time, 9,957 people lost their lives as well. To date, more than 15.4 million people in the world have been infected with the Coronavirus. Of these, more than 32.16 lakh died. While 13.14 crores defeated a person Corona. Currently, Rs 1.94 crore is undergoing treatment. Of these, 1.93 crore had mild symptoms of Coronavirus and 1.11,000 people remained critical.

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