Coronavirus lockdown: Prime Minister Modi is postponing his gathering in Bengal, and he will hold a high-level meeting on Corona

Coronavirus lockdown: Prime Minister Modi is postponing his gathering in Bengal, and he will hold a high-level meeting on Corona

Prime Minister Modi postponed Friday’s Bengal march

Prime Minister Modi has postponed the Bengal march that had been scheduled for Friday. He wrote in a tweet on Twitter that he would chair high-level meetings to review the situation in Corona and then postpone the Bengal march.

Serum CEO is Adar Poonawala dacoit: BJP MLA from Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur BJP MLA, CEO of Serum Institute in India, Adar Poonawala, compared “dacoit” on the price of the vaccine and asked the government to take over the company under the Epidemic Diseases Act.

Some returnees from Pakistan to celebrate the Biasakh infection with the Coronavirus

The Chairman of the Management Committee, Sherumani Gurdwara, Bibi Jaker Kaur, said that some people returning from Pakistan after the celebration of Pisakhi were found to have Corona. All will be isolated in accordance with the instructions of the Health Department.

34,379 new cases of corona during the past 24 hours in the UP

Amit Mohan Prasad, Chief Health Secretary of Uttar Pradesh, said that 34,379 new cases of corona were reported in the past 24 hours at UP. 16,514 people were demobilized. The total number of active cases in the state is 2,59,810. A total of 10,541 people have died so far. Yesterday, 1,96,889 specimens were examined by the state.

Chhattisgarh CM Baghel’s letter to PM Modi regarding the cost of the vaccine

Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel has written a letter to PM Modi, asking India to provide biotech vaccines at a lower rate than serum.

Haryana’s Home Minister Anil Vij spoke about ways to stop the coronavirus

Haryana’s Home Secretary Anil Vij said there are two ways to stop the aura. There is a shutdown that we do not want to impose. The second is to follow Corona’s instructions. We want to do that. We have decided to close all the shops from tomorrow at 6 pm. It was decided to cancel non-essential programs.

Need to work very fast: PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi held a meeting Thursday on the lack of oxygen. During the meeting, he said we all need to get to work very quickly. Companies should not delay delivering oxygen to hospitals. The Prime Minister’s Office provided this information. The PMO said the prime minister has been informed that the authorities are in constant contact with the states and are attentive to the demand for oxygen. The PMO said the current demand for liquid medical oxygen from 20 states is 6,785 metric tons per day, but the Government of India has allocated 6,822 metric tons per day to these states from April 21 onwards. The PMO said that in the past few days, there has been 3,300 metric tons per day in the availability of liquid medical oxygen through the contribution of private and public steel mills, industries and oxygen manufacturers, as well as restrictions on oxygen supply to others. Basic industries. has increased.

According to the PMO, the prime minister requested that responsibility for disrupting the oxygen supply be limited. The Prime Minister asked to find ways to increase the production and supply of oxygen. Measures are called for to increase the availability of refrigerant carriers for oxygen supply, import, air transport and manufacture.

Anything is possible if the government wants it

Regarding hypoxia, the Delhi High Court required the center to strictly enforce its order. The court said that if the government wished, it could bring heaven and earth together, so take every problem now seriously and diagnose it.

Interior Ministry orders countries to supply countries with oxygen, serious patients will have a ‘new life’

And the pressure on hospitals increased amid the increase in cases of corona in the country. There is a shortage of oxygen in many countries. In light of the situation, the Home Office has ordered states to provide oxygen. Let me tell you that the second wave of the Corona epidemic is becoming frightening across the country. More than three cases of lakh have been reported in the past 24 hours. Due to the increasing number of patients, hospital sanitation facilities are also faltering. In light of the fact that many states have requested oxygen from the center, in the past, enabling group 2 mapped the 12 states with the highest oxygen demand. After that, the Ministry of Interior was instructed on Thursday to supply her with oxygen.

Besides, the Federal Ministry of Interior said in a statement that there should be no restrictions on the movement of medical oxygen between countries. The Department of the Interior required states to order carriers to allow free movement between states for vehicles involved in transporting oxygen. According to the statement, the ministry said there are no restrictions on oxygen producers, and suppliers will only provide life-saving gas to hospitals in the state they are in. Officials said the central government is doing its utmost to ensure the continued supply of oxygen so that there is no shortage of medical oxygen in hospitals in any state including the national capital Delhi.

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