Coronavirus India update: Kazakhstan sent 7.5 masks and 105 ventilators, to help for the second day in a row

Coronavirus India update: Kazakhstan sent 7.5 masks and 105 ventilators, to help for the second day in a row

The second wave of Coronavirus in the country has made the situation very bad. The country’s health system collapsed after millions of infected cases were reported every day. The daily death figures are recorded here around four thousand, which has increased the burden on the cemeteries and the crematorium. On Friday, the country recorded more than 3.26,000 cases of Coronavirus, and 3,883 people were lost due to the disease.

The Corona 2d drug meeting will start next week

The Corona 2DG drug, developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDor), will be available in the market from next week. 10,000 doses of this drug will be available starting next week. This drug is a game-changer for Corona patients.

Jammu: Management is going door-to-door with knowledge of Covid

Jammu administration has started going door to door to spread awareness about COVID. Information is provided about the Kovid Helpline and Kovid Hospitals in each region. The Deputy Commissioner says that the death in Jammu and Kashmir is a matter of concern and that the step has been taken to break the Corona chain.

A petition related to the PMF was filed with the Supreme Court

A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court requesting the use of the PM Care Fund for the Corona vaccine. Aside from this, there was a request to use the PM Care Fund amount for oxygen fixation and other important work.

Dach: There were 240 new cases reported in the past 24 hours

On Friday, 240 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Ladakh. During the same period, two people died, and 231 people recovered from the disease.

Masks and ventilators arrived in India from Kazakhstan

Aid from foreign countries continues during the second wave of the Coronavirus in India. In this regard, 7.5 lakh masks and 105 ventilators arrived in India from Kazakhstan today. Apart from this, various medical devices have also arrived in India. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided this information.

Coronavirus continues to be crowned in the country and in the meantime, the government is engaging in the only treatment for corona to ramp up vaccination. Starting next week, the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine will also be available in the market in addition to Kovaxin and Kovishield in the country. The first dose of Sputnik-V was given to a person on Friday in Hyderabad. Besides, assistance to foreign countries continues in the country amid the Corona crisis. In this regard, 105 ventilators and seven and a half million masks have arrived in India from Kazakhstan. Let us know that since the outbreak of the epidemic in the country, more than 2.62 thousand people have died. At the same time, the warning increased the third wave of the first anxiety.

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