Coronavirus: How did Britain save itself from this horrific alternative, angry at the UK dynasty in India?

Coronavirus: How did Britain save itself from this horrific alternative, angry at the UK dynasty in India?

The Corona strain in the United Kingdom is causing an uproar in India at the moment. The situation has deteriorated to the point that more than one new case is received every day. Meanwhile, the daily death toll has also exceeded 1,000. While waiting for treatment in ambulances outside hospitals, corpses shake hearts, looking for their last farewell outside the crematoria. No one can understand how to control the situation? How to deal with the British Corona strain that has largely left Britain. In this report, we know how Britain saved itself from this dreaded alternative?

Things are like this in India

Significantly, due to the new strain, Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in many countries, but the largest number of cases have been reported in Asia. Speaking of India only, on April 12, 1.61 thousand new cases were found and on April 13, 1.85 thousand people were infected. These numbers are the highest in the whole world. The deteriorating situation in India can be gauged from the fact that crematoriums have melted away due to frequent cremations in Surat, Gujarat state.

Where did the new Corona strain come from?

Significantly, the new Corona strain was tracked in the United Kingdom on 15 December 2020. The strain was named the United Kingdom. Scientists said that this strain is highly contagious, which also has an effect. Due to these frightening tensions, the situation in Britain deteriorated for the first time, and then on January 4, 2021, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the second lockdown in the country.

Lock opened after 97 days

Let us know that Britain has now largely recovered from the stress of the United Kingdom. The number of infected people who were received daily reached less than 4 thousand cases, while more than 55 thousand cases were initially reported daily. Now the question that arises is that after all, how did Britain get around this terrifying alternative that is here? Let us know that Britain is starting to reopen after 97 days of lockdown. It is considered the longest lockdown in the world.

Britain has taken these steps

Britain has taken drastic steps to deal with the new alternative to Corona. Schools, colleges and universities are closed, with immediate effect. Online classes are emphasized to ensure education is not affected. People have been told to stay home during the lockdown. Permission to exit only upon completion of necessary work. Pub restaurants have also been completely closed. Takeaway and delivery just lasted. At the same time, the theater and movie hall were banned. Apart from this, every young person was advised to undergo a coronavirus test twice a week. The vaccination rate has also been raised and more than thirty million people have been vaccinated during the lockdown.

Is the risk postponed in Britain?

Britain started reopening after 97 days of lockdown. Shops, gyms, zoos, hairdressers, beer gardens and all sorts of outdoor hospitality have been reintroduced, but in the midst of that, the question arose as to whether the danger in Britain had been averted? Explain that scientists are unable to say anything clearly about this topic. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson pleaded with people not to worry and get the vaccine as soon as possible. Also, get the test done even if there are no symptoms. Johnson said we still don’t know how much protection the vaccine will provide. Meanwhile, British scientists say the government is removing the lockdown prematurely. This may increase the risk. He also feared a third wave in the country.

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