Coronavirus: Chinese Communist government suppressed voices of rebellion in times of crisis

In the world, where the total number of infected has crossed 9.98 crores (close to 10 crores) and the death toll has also crossed 21.40 lakh. Then a year ago in the same week of January, China stood at the mouth of the Corona crisis. In this one year, the Chinese Communist government tried to convert its failure on the coronavirus to advantage, while completely suppressing the voice of the rebels.

On the strength of repression, she has been able to convince her own people that she has suppressed this epidemic in a very successful way. While the truth is that by the end of January last year, the people of the country had started speaking openly against the Chinese government. The liberal people of China, who were ideologically suppressed for decades and were under strict censorship, were openly speaking.

It seemed that the propaganda machinery of the Chinese government would fail to dispel the resentment created in the minds of the people about the coronavirus. but that did not happen. The Chinese government was fully successful in suppressing the rebels. Now there is no debate on the Internet media about Corona. The government has turned the tragedy of Wuhan to its advantage.

Non-Americans will be banned from entering America

A White House official has said that President Joe Biden will reapply the travel restrictions related to the Kovid-19. Restrictions will be imposed on most non-US people entering the US. The travel ban on non-US people entering the United States from Britain, Brazil, Ireland, and many parts of Europe will be reinforced. The new administration will take swift steps to deal with the epidemic.

Mexico’s President Corona Infected

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel L√≥pez Obrador has said he is infected with Covid-19 and has minor symptoms. Obrador wrote on his official Twitter account, I am sorry to say that I am suffering from Kovid-19. Its symptoms are minor and my treatment has started. Earlier it was announced that Obrador would talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin about Corona’s supply of Russia-made vaccines.

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