Corona virus: Experts did not endorse the vaccines of young people, they achieved seven crores in April, and applied 9 crores

Corona virus: Experts did not endorse the vaccines of young people, they achieved seven crores in April, and applied 9 crores

Taking the example of last April, seven crores doses were administered, but the expenditure was 8.91 crores. This issue was raised at a meeting from May 1 to 18-44 years before the vaccine was administered, but even the task force, the Covid Working Rhee Group, and the National Expert Group on Vaccine Management (NEGVAC).

During that time, it was said that the age group (45 hybrids) in which Corona is the most deadly, should have priority. 60 to 70 percent of these people must not start a new phase to be vaccinated.

Vaccination will remain incomplete due to this and efforts so far may fail. A senior member of the task force said, however, that the decision was as it should not be. The government was well aware of both the production capacity and the demand for the vaccine.

How much could the demand increase in the future? He also knew. “It seems to me that the center, as well as state governments, have shifted the focus from hospital, oxygen, medicine, and disease prevention to the entire nation’s focus on vaccines, which is inappropriate in any situation.

Rs 2.95 crore awaiting reservation

It was said at a meeting on April 24-26 that if we start the new phase, the demand will increase so dramatically that the vaccination will be incomplete and the second dose will not be available.

As of May 13th, Rs 20.82 crore was recorded, but as of Friday morning, Rs 17.86 crore had been vaccinated. That is, during the last 13 days, more than Rs 2.95 crores people are waiting to book after registration.

Those who need the most, do not get the second dose

Between May 1 and 13, most people took the first dose and the number of people taking the second dose was steadily decreasing. This is the situation where the second dose of 70% of the vaccination should be administered daily, but it only happened in West Bengal, Sikkim, Tripura, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

Only 20 percent of the second dose is in Delhi

The Delhi government consistently blamed the center for the vaccine shortage, but there was a situation where only 20 percent would get the second dose while 80 percent would give the first dose every day. The same situation exists in Haryana, Goa, Assam, Punjab, Chandigarh, Rajasthan.

What do the numbers say?

6.6 crore vaccine purchased from PMcare fund, all expendable

Bought one crore for Rs Coffeeshield from Jaffe Kovacs and it was also consumed

12 million vaccines purchased by the center in March, leaving only 1.50 lakhs

16 million vaccines have now been purchased, and the supply will continue through July

16 Crore Vaccine states and hospitals are submitting applications, still in preparation

At this time, Kovishield and Kovacsin had orders of 32 crores, with a capacity of only seven to eight crores.

Less than 30% of the vaccinated in the UP

32% over a 45-year period received the first dose, even fewer in 14 states including UP-Bihar

Thirty states offer vaccines for young people, while eight states couldn’t even give 100 doses in 13 days

The vaccine gets maximum in 11 states, behind the second dose for those over the age of 45

The second dose is 50 percent less than that found in 19 states, including Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

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