Corona virus: An expert said – The virus does not change and the infection does not spread from the new strain, so what is the reason …

Corona virus: An expert said - The virus does not change and the infection does not spread from the new strain, so what is the reason ...

In the event of a sudden spread of the coronavirus in the country, one thing is clear at the moment and that is that the coronavirus is not undergoing changes or that infection of new foreign strains is spreading. So far, only 300 cases of the new Corona strains have been reported in the country. On the basis of very few cases, it is difficult to say that the Corona wave present in the country is due to the new strain. So there is nothing to worry about at the moment. Corona cases are increasing due to neglect in the country. Here’s what we say about Rakesh Mishra, Senior Physician at the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad. The institute is working to monitor mutations of the Coronavirus to screen for viruses, including serological scanning. Dr Rakesh Mishra of Amar spoke about the situation today. Read here what Rakesh Mishra has to say about the increase in coronavirus cases …

Question: Sudden cases of corona began to increase in the country. A subspecies from South Africa, the United Kingdom and Brazil is seen here. Are these new strains the reason for the increase?

No answer. Most of the corona cases that we see are increasing now, and the source of infection for the most part is not outside India. We recently examined samples from some patients with coronavirus, but no new variants were found in any of the patients. This means that the cases that have increased are not due to new strains, and the infection with new strains has not increased in the country. So, there is nothing to worry about at the moment. Coronavirus cases are increasing because people stop following safety standards, and people have become neglectful and stop the Corona escape protocol.

Question: In some states of the country, especially in Maharashtra, cases of corona are constantly increasing, so what could be the reason for that?

Answer: We have not yet been able to find out the exact cause of the increase in Corona cases. There could be many reasons for this, earlier it was feared that due to the new variables from outside the country, Corona cases are increasing, but we did not get any such indication. Only 300 new variants have been seen across the country, so no decision can be made on the basis of very few cases. In order to know the effect of the new variable, we have to study for a long time in a large number of people, but the cases of infection that we are seeing now have not seen any change in the virus or similarities like the new virus, but because people do not follow the behavior compatible with Corona at the present time, so It is possible that we see a rapid rise in cases and this can also lead to a chain reaction that cannot be ruled out due to rapid cases of Corona.

Question: Also in the past year, in the case of Corona, there has been an increase these days, and this time also the situation is transforming. Is this the third wave?

Answer: The possibility of a new wave cannot be ruled out. Summer days are very tough in India. In the afternoon, people are imprisoned in homes, the air conditioner and coolant are required to be turned on and they usually go out for a walk throughout the evening. This behavior could be a major cause of the increase in corona cases. We are trying to control.

QUESTION: Now we have the vaccine. It is also effective, so what should we fear from Corona?

Answer: Do not be afraid, but one must be extremely vigilant. It is very important to follow all instructions to avoid Corona. We have a vaccine weapon, but after the vaccination, people are not serious about infection. We have the vaccine to develop immunity to infection and the vaccination program is being implemented successfully. Now we have also included private sector clinics and hospitals in the vaccination program, so it is possible at some point that we will be able to give the Corona vaccine to people in the maximum quantity and thus we will be able to break the chain of Corona infection.

Question: How do you monitor the virus?

Answer: There are many ways that we monitor viruses. We have come up with an easy way to detect virus infection at the field level, therefore, virus RNA is determined from stool samples of a large population, as the culture (growth) of the virus molecule is examined. She goes. Through this type of examination, we discover the extent of virus infection in the population of any region. This is by far the easiest way to track viruses. We also recently started conducting serological surveys to detect infections between groups, as the level of infection can be checked on a population basis. We can also use both methods to detect other types of pathogen infection.

Question: The effects of corona infection are seen differently in a person for any special reason?

Answer: This aspect of Corona infection is the least understood. We spent most of the time fighting and controlling the disease. Now we must do a serious study about what and how the clinical effects of corona infection may occur, and how it affects other body organs. To get the correct information about the nature and impact of the coronavirus, some studies need to be done for a few years.

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