Corona Vaccine: The United States bans raw materials to make vaccine

Corona Vaccine: The United States bans raw materials to make vaccine

Every country in the world insists on vaccination to prevent corona virus, but in the coming days, a major vaccination crisis may arise. The United States has imposed restrictions on the supply of raw materials for the items used to make the vaccine.

Although this ban is not permanent, it may affect vaccine production in the next few years. The problem is more complicated for the Novavax vaccine because the production of this vaccine depends entirely on raw materials from the United States.

The CEO of the Pune-based Serum Institute in India, which supplies 80 percent of the vaccine to the world, has raised questions about the US ban. In a discussion session organized by the World Bank, Adar Poonawala raised the issue and said that due to US law, there might be a lot of hurdles in the coming days.

He said that the bags, filters, covers and things used in their packaging are exported to manufacture the vaccine. The highest production of these elements in the world is in the United States itself. Because the whole world needs a lot of vaccinations at this time. Therefore, the United States has the capacity to meet such a demand, but shortly before the United States imposes an embargo.

According to the CEO, at this time in the Covid-19 pandemic every country is moving with one another. In such a situation, the Indian Serum Institute also produces vaccines day and night to meet the needs of many countries of the world, but the decision of the United States could do great harm.

Currently, the vaccine has enough storage and raw materials available, but it can only be used for the next few weeks. If the United States does not withdraw this decision soon, it may have to reduce or stop vaccine production after a few weeks.

However, vaccination is currently underway in India with Kovishield and Kovaxin. Adequate storage is already in place. Also, there isn’t a lot of raw materials used to produce it, but due to the long-standing ban, there can be problems.

According to the information, apart from the Serum Institute of India Kovishield, Novavax is also making the corona vaccine for the company as the raw materials coming from America are used more.

Bonawala said he needed these items because he was the main manufacturer of the Novavax vaccine. If we talk about manufacturing vaccines for the whole world, we may have problems with this important raw material.

In fact, the Biden administration announced the implementation of the Defense Production Act to speed up the vaccination program in the United States. Then, vaccine manufacturers raise questions about exporting raw materials.

Bunawala said the Biden administration needs to discuss this. Poonawala said the vaccine has sent 9 million doses of Extrazeneca vaccine abroad in the past two months after India’s vaccine was approved for emergency use.

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