Corona vaccine: So Sputnik-V claims to be the most effective vaccine

Corona vaccine: So Sputnik-V claims to be the most effective vaccine

Amid the uncontrollable pace of the Coronavirus pandemic, India has approved the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine for emergency use. The Russian Jamalaya Research Institute claims 91.6% of the vaccine is effective. Coffeeshield is used in the country by only 80 percent and cofaxine by 81 percent. One dose at 700 rupees.

The vaccine was prepared in this way

Scientists extracted two different adenovirus vectors. This vaccine is also called a scientific viral vector vaccine. This means that these different types of viruses will work against the DNA of the Coronavirus and help protect cells from infection.

Two doses of the vaccine will be kept with an interval of 21 days.

Vaccines can be kept for up to two months at 8 ° C, while freezing. Scientists tried to do this for six months.

The world’s first Corona vaccine is approved in more than 60 countries

Russia approved the use in August last year. It has been approved for use in more than 60 countries including Serbia, Argentina and Bolivia. A single dose is able to provide 87.6 percent protection, which is effective even in the elderly

A study of 22,000 people

19,866 people tested

14,964 people were vaccinated

4,902 subjects were given a placebo.

Trials of 2,144 people over the age of 60 years yielded better results from this vaccine.

There is no infection 21 days after the first dose

The trial found that no cases of infection had been reported for at least 21 days after the first dose of the vaccine.

Mild side effects were observed in 94% of the trial subjects, as a result of the effect of the vaccine. Four people unrelated to the vaccine were also killed.

It is effective in preventing dangerous symptoms and deaths

According to test results, Sputnik-V vaccine deficiency is 100% effective in preventing symptoms and deaths from infection.

This vaccine is expected to help prevent the uncontrollable spread of the epidemic in the country. The vaccine that is administered appears to control the severity of infection in people.

A single dose of this vaccine is able to provide 87.6 percent protection.

Russia said, Sputnik, would be helpful in fighting Corona

Russian Ambassador to India Nikolai Kudasev justified the recommendation to use Sputnik-V, saying that this move would definitely contribute to the Indian government’s efforts to counter the Kovid-19 pandemic.

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