Corona update: April will appear and bad days! India could cross 5 cases, 3000 deaths could happen every day

Corona update: April will appear and bad days!  India could cross 5 cases, 3000 deaths could happen every day

The coronavirus chaos is heading towards its climax in India, creating an atmosphere of more fear than the first wave in the country. There was a shortage of oxygen, bed, and medicine everywhere in Karuna’s increased cases. The daily Corona case in India touched two lakh numbers and also showed a glimpse of just how rare the second wave is. This is the reason for deaths occurring everywhere as there is a shortage of wood from place to place in cremation sites. But we have to work hard even in these difficult times and fight hard against Corona because this month will show worse days. In April itself, daily cases of corona could exceed five lakhs and more than three thousand deaths could occur every day.

According to India Today, given the speed at which Coronavirus cases are increasing and reports from every corner of the country, April is feared to be the most frightening month. According to the model that India today made with this prediction in one of its shows, cases of Corona could be reported every day in April of this month, and there could be around three to four thousand deaths. Not only that, but about 25,000 people per day can also be hospitalized. It has been speculated that the next four weeks may prove very difficult for India.

Although the second wave of Corona is showing havoc across the country, Maharashtra is the worst in the worst case. Corona is being crowned in Maharashtra, as a 15-day mini lockdown has been imposed there. It should be noted here that the spread of the Coronavirus will not be less than the blockade of the borders. If this is not controlled in time, more frightening scenes can be seen now.

However, it is comforting that with the emergence of the second wave of Coronavirus in South Africa, Britain and the United States, a decrease in coronavirus cases has also been observed at the same pace. According to the model predicted by India Today, Maharashtra may also see a decline in coronavirus cases until late April and early May.

Worst case of Maharashtra:

58,952 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Maharashtra on Wednesday, while the total death toll rose to 58,804 and 278 infected deaths. The state Department of Health gave this information. Let the case of Kovid-19 grow rapidly and due to the alarming situation, the state government announced the day before Wednesday night a strict 15-day ban from eight in the morning. These restrictions will remain until 7 a.m. on May 1. Maharashtra reported 63,294 cases on April 11, the highest rate ever. In a statement, the department said that so far, a total of 3578,160 people have been infected in the state, including 2905,721 patients who have been discharged from hospital after recovery. The department said that 612,070 injured people are currently being treated in the state.

A wide form of corona in India

On Wednesday evening, 199,569 new cases were reported in the country. This is the largest number of new cases of corona found in a single day since the outbreak of the epidemic. This wild form of the corona was not seen even in the first wave, as we can see today. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, 1,037 people died during this period. The total number of people infected so far has risen to 14,070,300. The cure rate for people with Corona has decreased further, to 89.51 percent.

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