Corona: The situation in Maharashtra is alarming and cases have accelerated in 10 other states as well

Corona: The situation in Maharashtra is alarming and cases have accelerated in 10 other states as well

Corona infection is spreading rapidly in the country again. The incidence of COVID-19 continues to increase in Maharashtra, the state hardest hit by Corona. According to data recorded in the previous week (March 8 – March 14), only 61 percent of the reported cases of infection in Maharashtra were reported in all states of the country. However, apart from Maharashtra, 10 other states / federations also reported an increase in cases last week, marking the second wave of Coronavirus within the country.

On Monday, 26,291 new patients of Corona appeared

Meanwhile, 26,291 new patients were found on Monday and 118 people died due to the epidemic. This number is the highest this year. The previous day, 25,000 injuries were recorded.

Due to the Sunday holiday, only seven samples were tested for cough, while 7-7.50 lakh samples were found less on a typical day. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, 25,320 patients were discharged on Sunday. The total number of infected people in the country exceeded Rs 1.13 crore, of whom 1,58,725 people died.

At the same time, 1.10 crores of patients were treated. The total number of active cases in the country has now increased to 2,19,262. According to the ministry, cases are increasing rapidly in Maharashtra, Punjab, Kerala, Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Including Maharashtra, Kerala and Punjab, 77 percent of patients are active. Maharashtra alone accounts for 58 percent of active patients.

Corona infection case in 10 states: Punjab is in second place

Transition status (between March 1-7 to March 8-14)

Maharashtra – 30.029

Punjab – 3149

Karnataka – 1493

Gujarat – 1,324

Chhattisgarh – 1,249

Madhya Pradesh – 1,074

Tamil Nadu – 1026

Haryana – 881

Delhi – 783

Andhra Pradesh – 393

In Maharashtra, one lakh crosses a week

The situation in Maharashtra in case of coronavirus infection remains worrying. Last week, the number of injured exceeded 1 lakh. The state government has issued stringent new guidelines regarding relocation.

Hereby, if more than 50 percent of people are found anywhere except for health and other essential services, then the institution in question will be held under foreclosure. The lockdown has been imposed in Nagpur from Monday to Sunday, March 21st. Meanwhile, preparations have begun for a night curfew in Mumbai. Prime Minister Odhav Thackeray warned that severe restrictions could be imposed if people did not cooperate.

February 1st in Maharashtra

The number of patients started increasing again since the week. More than 400 patients died in the past week. In the second week of March, the number of infected people increased by 90% to 90,000. In the second and third weeks of August of last year, the number of injured ranged from 89 to 90 thousand.

Reduce vaccination by 90%

Coronavirus vaccination has decreased by up to 90% due to the Sunday holiday. On the last day, only 1.40 lakhs were vaccinated. Whereas before that, 18 to 2 million people took the vaccine in one day.

The prime minister will discuss with the prime ministers tomorrow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold talks with prime ministers of the states on Wednesday. During this time, he will discuss the situation in Corona and accelerate the vaccination campaign. Since Corona, the prime minister has been constantly discussing the pandemic with prime ministers.

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