Corona ruins: Rajasthan and Gujarat borders closed!

Corona ruins: Rajasthan and Gujarat borders closed!

Coronavirus infection is now spreading very quickly in Rajasthan. On Thursday, 1,350 new patients were discovered in Corona in the state. Due to the increase in Corona infection in Rajasthan, the neighboring state of Gujarat has taken a big step by taking precautions. Gujarat has closed the borders of Rajasthan and Gujarat due to the growing influence of Corona.

Gujarat Police have started to take drastic measures regarding entry to the border. The Gujarat State Police closed the borders of Ratanpur and Mandali Uduwa in the Dongarpur district of Rajasthan.

Gujarat Police allow entry to Gujarat border only by checking RT-PCR report or people vaccination certificate. However, this kind of strictness is not done by the Rajasthan Police. Remarkably, on the last day, more than 80,000 new coronavirus patients were found in the country.

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