Corona: Many countries ban Indian flights, you know which countries have not banned them so far

Corona: Many countries ban Indian flights, you know which countries have not banned them so far

The second wave of Corona in India cannot be controlled now. More than three cases of lakh appear every day. To prevent the spread of Corona, many countries have started stopping aircraft coming from India one by one. The countries that have been banned include many countries like Canada, Britain, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand. Apart from this, many countries have not banned Indian flights yet. Tell us which countries have banned flights from India and which countries can travel by air, that is, they have not imposed any ban.

These countries have banned Indian flights

On Tuesday, the Australian government also decided to postpone all flights from India to May 15, 2021. Earlier, the Netherlands said it would suspend all passenger flights from India. The Netherlands banned flights to and from India from April 26 to May 1. Dozens of countries, such as Canada, Britain, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Oman, Hong Kong and Singapore, have already banned flights from India. Meanwhile, China has also canceled cargo plane services to India.

High demand in many countries

Opposition parties in many countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are calling for a ban on flights from India. Due to the increasing number of people infected with Corona in India, there are demands to stop flights from India in many countries including Kenya, South Africa and the Philippines. In such a situation, many other countries can take these steps in the coming times.

No flight bans in these countries, travelers warning

Several countries have banned flights due to the escalating Corona wave in India. At the same time, there are many countries where Indian aircraft have not been banned. However, travelers were advised to avoid traveling to India. On Wednesday, France imposed a 10-day quarantine on travelers from India in the coming days to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus present in India. The visa section at the Russian embassy has temporarily suspended operations until further notice due to the COVID-19 case in India. Due to the COVID-19 cases, the US has also issued a “ Level 4 warning (very high) regarding potential travel to India to avoid travel in India, even if they are fully vaccinated.

On the other hand, the Airports Authority of India stated that its record of keeping passengers safe during airports and flights is very good. The biggest example of this is that 5,78,727 flights were permitted from Indian airports from May 25, 2020 to April 26, 2021, with 6.08 million passengers.

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