Corona chaos: the shortage of beds in Pune hospitals, and the placing of patients in the waiting area by using oxygen

Corona chaos: the shortage of beds in Pune hospitals, and the placing of patients in the waiting area by using oxygen

Corona in Maharashtra continues to wreak havoc. The situation has become uncontrollable in most areas of the state. A similar opinion was seen in Pune. In fact, there is a shortage of beds in hospitals located in Pimpri District of Pune. The problem here has increased dramatically to the point where patients are forced to sit in the waiting area by using oxygen and are treated here as well. The administration says it is doing its best to control the situation. At the same time, a separate seven-bed preparation is done with oxygen.

That is the whole issue

According to the information, Yashwantrao Chahwan Memorial Hospital in Pune has 400 beds, of which 55 are intensive care units. On Tuesday (April 6), all the beds in the hospital were full. Let us know that there are a total of 79 ventilators in Pune, which proved to be insufficient in terms of the number of patients.

It is treated this way

Dr Kaustubha Kahana, associate professor at the hospital, said the number of patients in the PCMC (Pimpri Chinchwad Mahanagar Palika) area is steadily increasing. Has difficulty breathing. In such a situation they are kept on an oxygen support until the beds are arranged.

He reported that once a new patient arrives, he is treated based on the severity of the disease. If the patient requires oxygen and the bed is not there, our endeavor is for the patient not to have any problems. He is given oxygen support right away.

Things are like this in Pune

Let me tell you that the situation in Corona is getting worse constantly in Pune. Today, Monday, 8,075 new cases of corona were recorded in the region, and after that, the total number of injured reached 5.8 lakh. There are only 2152 active patients in the Pembry Chinchwad area, while the total number of infected is 1.53 lakh.

It is clear that the central government has identified the Pune region in Corona as the most affected area by the new Corona wave. In such a case, the Pune administration imposed a night curfew in the area on Friday (April 2). Instructions were also issued to close shopping centers, religious places, hotels, bars and cinemas for a period of seven days.

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