Corona broke the records in the country again, with more than 3.86 lakh cases per day; 3,498 people died.

Corona broke the records in the country again, with more than 3.86 lakh cases per day;  3,498 people died.

The second coronavirus chaos is rapidly increasing in the country. Record cases are reported every day due to infection with the Coronavirus. In the past 24 hours, Corona broke the record again. More than 3.86 lakh coronavirus cases were reported on the last day in the country. According to the latest data issued by the Federal Ministry of Health, 386,452 new cases of corona were reported in the country during the past 24 hours. During this period, 3,498 patients died of infection with the Coronavirus.

The death of the great television journalist Rohit Sardana

The great TV journalist Rohit Sardana has passed away. He got infected with Corona. He is currently working as a broadcaster for one of the country’s leading news channels. On this, TV journalist Sudhir Choudhury tweeted, ‘A little while ago, I got a call from Jitendra Sharma. When I heard what he had to say, my hands trembled. News has been received of the death of our friend and colleague Rohit Sardana. I did not imagine that this virus would transmit someone close to us. I was not ready for this. This is the injustice of God … Peace. He is said to have died of a heart attack.

The number of people infected with this epidemic has risen to 1,87,54,925 so far as cases of corona have been reported. Meanwhile, the number of people who died due to an additional 3,501 deaths increased to 2,08,313. At present, there are 31.69.169 active cases in the country. During this period, 2,87,081 people were discharged from hospital, taking the number of people who have recovered so far to 1,53,69,362.

The number of Corona cases in India exceeded 2 million on August 7. After that, 50 lakhs on Sep 16th. And on December 19, he was found to be worth a crore. While the figure crossed 1.50 on April 19.

According to ICMR, as of April 28, 28,63,92,086 Corona samples have been tested in the country. On Wednesday, 1920107 samples were tested. Among the other 3,501 people who died in the country, Maharashtra had the largest number of 771. After that, 395 people died in Delhi, and 251 people died in Chhattisgarh.

Total new cases infected by the state)[In Lakhs]]

Maharashtra 66,159 45.39.39

Uttar Pradesh 35 104 12.17

Kerala State 38 607 15.33.53

Karnataka 35,024 14.74.24

Delhi 24,235 11.22.001

Chhattisgarh 15804 7.13.1

Rajasthan 17 269 5.80

Gujarat 14 327 5.53

Tamil Nadu 17897 11.48.00

Madhya Pradesh 12,762 5.50

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