CCI acknowledges: WhatsApp’s policy is exploitative and discriminatory, and will be investigated

CCI acknowledges: WhatsApp's policy is exploitative and discriminatory, and will be investigated

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has ordered an investigation into WhatsApp’s new privacy policy as exploitative and discriminatory behavior at first glance. The director general of the authority will investigate this. The committee admitted that the company was abusing monopoly by playing politics. The authority said in its decision after hearing the case through self-knowledge: “It is not clear in the policy what kind of data WhatsApp will take from citizens or share with any third party other than Facebook?”

What information will you come to him in talking to businessmen, taking service-related information, financial transactions and business-related data, as you have not mentioned? The policy does not reveal the impact it can have on people. “The new policy does not stipulate that the company will not use the old data of citizens on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for profit,” said committee chairman Ashok Kumar Gupta and members Sangita Verma and Bajwant Singh Bishnoy. People do not want to present their data to any third party, but in the new policy, it has also been played with words on it. In the competitive market, people have full rights over personal data, but Facebook does not do this for its users. Instead, consent to provide data has become mandatory for WhatsApp.

Where is the agreement

The commission said in strong terms that users are being asked to follow the WhatsApp policy or close the account. WhatsApp is the dominant messaging platform, so is this consent voluntary? Users are really not given any choice so that they can choose not to share data. This is unfair and irrational.

Three important decisions

Investigating the abuse of the situation: WhatsApp violated the competition law at first glance, through the new policy, by exploiting the circumstances and harming others. It will be investigated in detail and in depth. The impact users can have on sharing data will also be investigated.

60 days

The General Manager will complete the investigation within 60 days. The secret response also achieved: WhatsApp submitted its response on February 25 in two parts, confidential and non-confidential. Freedom of investigation in the confidential part was also granted to the Director General.

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