Career Along with Studies: Tesla will recruit those who don’t have any degrees

Career Along with Studies: Tesla will recruit those who don't have any degrees

While it is not possible to get a job without a degree in India, the auto company Tesla will only employ those who have completed their education in the United States, with no particular importance given to college and higher education. With this in mind, I began hiring 10,000 employees for the Giga factory in Austin. According to the company, a college degree will not be required for the job here. Tesla owner Elon Musk announced that people will be hired at the plant by 2022.

According to the company, its goal is said to be to provide an opportunity for young people attending the school to pursue a college education while doing their jobs. The pioneering billionaire Musk in the world is investing about seven and a half thousand rupees here. Last year it was said that five thousand workers were assigned to this factory but now it has doubled.

Studies as well as jobs

The company also contacted Austin Community College, University of Texas, Del Weill School, etc. for new employees. The company is also looking to recruit students who want to start their career at Tesla while continuing their studies.

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