Cake. Shilaja: Why is Kerala’s health minister in trouble due to the Corona crisis

Cake.  Shilaja: Why is Kerala's health minister in trouble due to the Corona crisis

Kerala State Health Minister K.K. Selga has a place in the new cabinet of Prime Minister Vijayan. The state CPM made this decision. In a statement issued by the committee on Tuesday, Prime Minister Pinarai Vijayan was said to be the only old minister in the new cabinet.

Speaking to BBC India, a member of the party’s state committee, Thracery ML AM Shamsher, said: “Only the members of the board of directors will be ministers from the previous cabinet. The CPM will have 12 cabinet members, along with all the members. Neo “.

Now his old friend Konhanandan Nair, who has left Vijayan, told BBC Hindi, “This is a wrong decision. He (Vijayan) is like Joseph Stalin. That is why they are not listening to anyone else’s opinion. Jyoti Basu also has not fired his ministers in Bengal. .

What are new faces?

“He brought his son-in-law to the ministry, and people don’t like that,” says Nair. This is the family. But no one in the party raises this issue. Nair refers to Palestinian Authority Muhammad Rias, the national head of the youth unit at the CPM. Rias married Vijayan daughter Vina last year.

In the ministry, MV Govindan, K Radhakrishnan, KN Balagopal, P Rajeev, VN Vasavan, Saji Cherian, P Sivanakutty, Dr. R Bindu, Veena George, and V Abdul Rahman. MB Rajesh, a former Lok Sabha member, has been appointed as the president of the association. Shailaja made a CPM whip. The rank of this position is not the rank of a minister.

Shilaja statement

Speaking to reporters in Thiruvananthapuram, Shilaja said she was not “disappointed”. He said, “I know that the people expressed their love for me. They also expressed their love for the party, so we returned to power. I thank all these people for choosing me.”

Is it wrong to change the Ministry of Health during the Covid epidemic? In response to this question, Shilaja says that in the pandemic, the Ministry of Health worked under CM Vijayan leadership.

“We have done our job well,” said Shilaja. “The party decided to appoint me a minister and I did a good job with my other colleagues. I can do exactly that.”

He said it was a good decision to put new faces in the ministry. He said, ‘It’s not about anyone, it’s about everyone who worked as a team. We are sure that the new ministry will do well. I am a party worker and I respect the party’s decision. “

Tickets for K Sudhakaran, EP Jayarajan and AK Balan were also rejected because the party wanted to present new faces. A political expert who knows the party closely, told the BBC, on condition of anonymity, that “Vijayan’s control over the party reached the point that more than five to six people did not oppose the removal of the shilaja. Even when Rias was brought, no one objected.”

Shailaja appeared in the limelight last year

Shilaja received international recognition in October last year for the steps taken to combat the Covid epidemic. However, it is said that a lot of people inside the party did not like it. During the elections the party decided to change its seat.

In 2016, she won from the Kuthuparamba seat with over 12,000 votes, but this time she was sent from Matanur County in Connor. She won the election with 60,935 votes. No one has ever won so many votes in Kerala state elections.

Political analyst Pirabi Bhaskar talks to the BBC: ‘The party is dominated by men. It’s starting to feel like it’s getting too big. We must not forget that this is the party where Gauriamma was not allowed to become CM, Gauriamma was a strong character who died two weeks ago. Shilaja is a nice character.

What will be the future of the party?

Political analyst Professor J. Prabhash says, “It shows that the prime minister wants to ensure that there is no remaining vote against him. Over the past two decades since Vijayan took office, party members have been taught to understand things from a critical point of view.” She didn’t go. “

“This decision shows that no one else in the government will be able to make a decision. They do not want to question their leadership,” he added.

“This is not appropriate for the future of the party. There should be no doubt about this. It is not just about the removal of Shilaja. It is about the new leadership. The prime minister has not made a decision with it. The question that arises is who will be prepared for the position of Prime Minister next time. It seems.” Vijayan will live forever, until the end of the world. “

Nair says, “It appears that Vijayan suffers from a prejudice about Shailaja. Sitaram Yashuri should get in on the matter because the Phytosanitary Measures Authority is not in power anywhere else in the country.”

Social media criticism

Shilaja, popularly known as the shilaja teacher, was criticized by many on social media for being removed from the cabinet. Film critic and journalist Anna Fatekit wrote, “Whatever decision is made to remove shilaja, it harms the image of the party, the cabinet, and the state. It is also bad for those in Kerala who are in the state I want. Maintain a better health system.”

“The removal of the Kerala government of theirs is a discouraging decision for Indian women. It reminds us that Kerala is steeped in patriarchy despite being progressive and educated.”

She wrote to the finest Rasha Suzan: “Shilja is not in the cabinet. How? She is the most qualified person who dealt with the Nipah epidemic and its association with her wise leadership. I hope this news was wrong, but it is not – men and their vanity.”

Writer Manu S. Pillai writes, “KK Selaja should be in the Kerala cabinet. He is very disappointed by the news of his not being elected. We hope he reconsider. I smell the gender bias in it. CM Aside from the policy of including all new faces, he was Shilja should be included as an exception. “

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