Breaking: Twitter has made its decision to confront the government, what is the meaning of this tweet for the President of India?

Breaking: Twitter has made its decision to confront the government, what is the meaning of this tweet for the President of India?

Aside from Twitter, all the major social media companies have accepted the central government’s new IT rules. It appears the spat will not stop for the time being, and in the meantime, a tweet by the Twitter India chief added to that concern. India Twitter manager Manish Maheshwari tweeted the slogan on Friday. This slogan written in English means “It will be difficult but difficult means not impossible”. Now his post is linked to the ongoing standoff between Twitter and the Government of India.

Manish Maheshwari was questioned by Delhi Police about content filtering last Thursday. Delhi Police said Maheshwari was evading questions. Maheshwari allegedly told police that she was only the head of sales and had no role in the content-related operations.

However, a few hours after his tweet, Maheshwari posted another tweet. He wrote: “ I meant how you would spend your weekend without the internet. Broadband in my home is at a standstill. Netflix India is there any other option? “

Explain that in the same month, BJP spokesperson Sampit Patra shared some papers alleging that the Congress had created a toolkit to demonize Prime Minister Modi and the country. He also alleged that Rahul Gandhi also tweeted about Prime Minister Modi after following this toolkit. However, Congress has described this toolkit as a fake. Twitter then flagged Sambit Patra’s tweet as “manipulative media”.

The micro-blogging site reaction was severe after a private Twitter cell raided offices in Delhi and Gurugram over the Toolkit issue. Since then, the standoff between Twitter and the central government has continued.

Most social media companies with the exception of Twitter have accepted the new IT rules.

Most of the major social media companies have shared the compliance manager, contact person, and complaints officer information with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in accordance with the IT rules of 2021. These companies include major social media companies such as Ku, Sharechat, Telegram, Linkedin, Google, Facebook and WhatsApp. . All of them provided the required information to the Ministry under the new rules. However, Twitter has not yet provided the requested information to the government.

Earlier, Twitter said in a statement on Thursday that the Delhi Police visit its offices was a form of intimidation. The social media company also said it was concerned about a potential threat to employee safety and freedom of expression in India.

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