Bengal stage 6 2021 elections: voting for 43 seats in the sixth stage, Mukul Roy Arjun Singh cast his vote

Bengal stage 6 2021 elections: voting for 43 seats in the sixth stage, Mukul Roy Arjun Singh cast his vote

Voting has not started at this booth

The sixth stage of voting takes place in West Bengal. During this time, voting could not commence due to a technical problem at booth No. 134 of Raijang Coronation High School in Uttar Dinajpur.

As Mukul Roy voiced

BJP Vice Chairman Mukul Roy also voted. He cast his vote at Booth No. 141 in Kancharbara in North 24 Parganas.

Enthusiasm to vote

Despite the outbreak of the second wave of Corona, there was enthusiasm among people to vote in Bengal. In the northern Dinajpur district, Booth 175 saw long lines of voters.

The BJP Vice Chairman, Arjun Singh, cast his vote

In West Bengal state, BJP Vice President, Arjun Singh, voted at Booth No. 144 in Jagdal at North 24 Parganas.

Athletes 43 seats in four regions

The fifth stage will compete for all nine seats in Uttar Dinajpur, nine of the 17 seats in the Nadia region, 17 of the 33 seats in 24 North Parganas, and eight of the 24 seats in the Bardhaman district. Among them are the BJP deputies in the three Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Dinajpur. Meanwhile, Trenamol has MLAs in six of the nine assembly seats, while CPM, Forward Bloc, and Congress each each have one. Speaking of the Nadia region, the BJP and Trinamall are in one of the Lok Sabha seats here. In the seventeen assembly seats, Trinamol has 13 seats, two from Congress, one from the left and the BJP.

P. Voting for Phase VI begins in Bengal

P. Voting for Phase VI begins in Bengal. Voting is underway for 43 seats and 306 candidates in the battle.

Voters arrived to cast their votes

Outside Poling Bodh’s 116th polling streak of the Jagatdal Association seat.

Voter line

There was a queue of voters outside Booth No. 205 of the Jagdal Association constituency. Voting will begin at 7 AM.

Preparations for the vote

View of the polling committee in Kanchanpada. Voting will start here at 7 AM.

14,480 polling stations in 43 electoral districts

14,480 polling stations have been set up in 43 electoral districts in the four provinces. It is believed that the main competition at this stage will be between the ruling Congress party in Trinamul and the BJP.

These are the main candidates in this field

Among the notable candidates for this stage are BJP Vice Chairman Mukul Roy, Trinamul Ministers of Jyotibria Malik and Chandriema Bhattacharya, and Communist Party of China (M) leader Tanmai Bhattacharya. Apart from this, film director Raj Chakraborty and actress Kausani Mukherjee are also in the fray as candidates for Trinamol.

These seats will be voted on

At this stage, in addition to the 17 seats in Northern Parganas District 24, nine seats each will be voted in both Club and Uttar Dinajpur and eight seats in Burba Pardanas.

The election commission official said that strict security arrangements had been taken in light of the violence in the previous stages. The Electoral Commission deployed 1071 companies from the Central Forces to conduct a fair vote in the sixth stage. The dead community has a good effect on the seats at this point and the BJP and the TMC have focused their full attention on attracting them. To date, votes have been cast in the state’s 180 seats. The elections remain for the remaining 114 seats.

In the sixth phase of the elections, more than a crore voter will decide the political fate of 306 candidates in the 43 assembly seats today. Amid the second wave of the Coronavirus, an official at the Election Commission said that security measures had been tightened in light of the violence in the previous stages. Five people died in Kutch Bihar on April 10 in the fourth stage of polling

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