Bengal elections: a dead community will decide the outcome! Find out how dominant this party is, Why is TMC-BJP so tempting?

Bengal elections: a dead community will decide the outcome!  Find out how dominant this party is, Why is TMC-BJP so tempting?

The election horn was sounded in West Bengal. The political parties do their best to bring the electorate to the public. Amidst all local issues, political parties are also looking to such large communities, which have played a major role in changing the electoral equation. There is one such community in West Bengal, the one they died, which all parties are fighting for.

It is said of the Matied Society that political mathematics in Bengal depended largely on the voices of died. The Matta vote, which is also slipping, is believed to have the upper hand. The Muta community dominates about seventy seats in North Bengal. That is why both the ruling Trinamol Congress and the BJP are challenging the aid of this community. Citizenship is a big issue for this community right now. In the Lok Sabha elections, she also garnered community support due to the BJP’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) promises. Mamta Banerjee was also close to this community and she guarantees the land right.

She won the right to vote, but did not obtain citizenship

Since the division of the country, a large section of the Matta (Matroshudra) community has suffered from a citizenship problem. They did get the right to vote, but the nationality issue has not been resolved yet. After the country was divided, many members of this community came to India. Later on, people continued to come from eastern Pakistan. The influence of this community is highest in North Bengal. About three crores a person is associated or influenced by this community, so it has been a voting bank for various political parties.

These political parties gained support

In the past, the left-wing parties continued to gain support and later remained close to Mamata Banerjee. The BJP started developing this community before 2019 Lok Sabha. Before the recent Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his campaign with the blessing of Vinpani Devi (Puro Ma), the head of the Thakur family, the head of that community. This family has a huge impact on the deceased community. Later on, the BJP gave a Lok Sabha ticket to Chantano Thakur from the same family and won. Before that, the family was a member of Lok Sabha of Trinamool Congress and MLAs were also from the same family during CPI-M’s tenure in the state. In 1977, this community supported the CPI (M), which had ruled for a long time.

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