Bengal Association elections: the reputation of these veterans including Babol Subrio and Arup Ghosh is at stake

Bengal Association elections: the reputation of these veterans including Babol Subrio and Arup Ghosh is at stake

The battle between the BJP and the Trinamall Conference intensifies with each stage of the assembly elections in West Bengal. In the fourth stage between the Khilah Hope and Paribortan slogans, 44 seats will be voted in in five regions on Saturday. About 1 crore 15 lakhs 81,000 22 voters will decide the fate of 373 candidates.

In the Howrah, South 24 Parganas, Hooghly, Alipurduar and Coochbehar regions, the BJP and the Trinamall Congress launched sharp verbal attacks on each other even in Phase IV. Transitional Military Council Chairman Mamata Panaji questioned the fairness of the Election Commission when the notice was given. Accused of settling.

On the other hand, Congress President Adair Ranjan Choudhury spoke about supporting Trinamol if needed. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi did not campaign until the fourth stage of the election.

The competition between these celebrities

The BJP pitted the Union Minister and MP Babol Subrio against Arop Biswas of Trinamole in the seat of Tolegang. Arup’s Secretary of State is a three-time MLA. Education Minister Partha Chatterjee of Bihala West is pitted against BJP representative Sherwanti Chatterjee. Parth is MLA here for 20 years.

Challenge to avenge Lok Sabha’s defeat to Trinamall

In the fourth stage of the vote, 14 seats in two districts in North Bengal, Kutch Bihar and Aliburdwar will be important. Of these, 9 are in Coach Bihar and 5 are in Aliburdwar. The Trinamall Conference lost both the Alibordwar and Coach Bihar Lok Sabha seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Therefore, it will be difficult to repeat the performance of the Lok Sabha elections against the BJP. Mamta Banerjee campaigned in these two areas. Kutch Bihar was once the capital of the Koch kings. Both the BJP and the Trinamall Party did their best to attract the ruling families.

There was a long period of rebellion and violence in northern Bengal

Northern Bengal has seen a long period of insurgency and violence. The BJP promised to form a Nariani Army along the lines of other paramilitaries here. At the same time, the Trinamall Congress promised to form a Nariani Police Battalion.

The Mechhaliganj, Sithalakuchi and Dinhata districts are located in Kutch Bihar on the border with Bangladesh. Minority here is around 25%. The BJP is strongly raising the infiltration issue here.

Wages for tea workers are a big problem

The economy of Alipurduar is based on tea cultivation. Labor leader Leos claims that the daily wages of tea workers on paper is 202 rupees, but they are getting much less. The Manifesto Trinamool called for a daily wage increase when it returned to power. The BJP promised to provide a package of 1,000 crores to farm workers in Assam and Bengal.

Compete for credit in the pocket

The BJP and the Trinamul Conference claimed to have played an important role in resolving the long-standing enclave dispute between India and Bangladesh. A land border agreement with Bangladesh in 2015 included 51 Bangladeshi settlements within India within India’s borders.

111 settlements within Bangladesh are incorporated into Bangladesh. However, 900 people living in the Indian enclave of Bangladesh say the promise made to them has not been kept. All these were settled in Kutch Behar. They were taken out of the camps and placed in small apartments.

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