Avatar for digital entertainment: The online marketplace has grown rapidly in India

Avatar for digital entertainment: The online marketplace has grown rapidly in India

They have even changed the entertainment of the Indians. Instead of popular mediums like TV and cinema halls, most people have moved towards internet based digital media. Only in 2020 did the market for watching TV shows and movies on Over the Top (OTT) platform via internet broadcast grow by 35%.

Music listeners have also increased usage of the app. There has also been a flood of MMO games on internet platforms, in which crores of Indians are starting to participate.

The number of customers on the OTT platform increased to thirty million and the profits increased by two and a half times. OTT had 2.20 crores subscribers in the country in March 2020, which increased to 2.90 crores by July 2020. While subscription subscribers account for only 10% of revenue from these platforms in 2019, it reached 25% in 2020.

Most of the citizens are starting to choose the same rate package on OTT annually compared to the four, five hundred rupees a month plan on DTH.

Streaming movies

The cinemas closed in mid-March 2020, but viewers can still watch nine new movies. It was broadcast on the OTT platform. In 2021, 19 new movies and TV shows will be released directly on the OTT platform. That is, people wouldn’t have to go to the multiplier for entertainment.

Major platforms and subscribers

The platform subscribers were in 2019

Disney Hotstar 1.86 crore 53.6 lakh

Amazon Prime 58.3 lakh 43.4 lakh

Netflix 30.8 million 20 million

Sonilive 27 Lakh 19.9 Lakh

G5 18.1 Lakh 6.5 Lakh (As of December 2020, source for various industry reports)

Online games, 300 million players

About 300 million online gaming accounts were created in India before the lockdown, that is, in fiscal year 2019. The gaming industry launched Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, tapping into the needs of people imprisoned at home.

As a result, 59 percent of people surveyed by NortonLifeLock admitted to partnering with mobile gaming. Of these, 92 percent of Generation X people born between 1965 and 1980 saw online gaming as the best way to pass the time.

Online Music: The non-cinematic music listeners are growing

The trend of listening to music online by Indians has increased by 40 percent in 2020. The Indian Music Industry Corporation, an affiliate of record industry distributors, reported in December that a lot of work was being heard from films to non-film composers.

I gave people about one and a half times the normal time to listen to music while doing housework, even while playing. Numerous mobile and desktop apps have been launched, and the ones that were already working have augmented their services and features.

The special thing is that the work of independent musicians and singers on these apps is starting to reach the citizens more easily.

In 2019, there were 40 non-movie films among the 100 most listened to Indian songs. The number reached 65 during 2020.

Likewise, the proportion of regional languages ​​and music genre increased from 33 percent to 39 percent.

By 2020, the online music market, which has reached nearly two thousand crores, is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8-10%.

Music on the app

market share%

30% song

Geosavan 24%

Wink music 15%

Spotify 15%

Google Play Music 10%

(Figures as of December / Source Private Agencies)

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