Amit Shah calls Rahul Gandhi “a tourist leader”

Amit Shah calls Rahul Gandhi "a tourist leader"

Today, Home Minister Amit Shah is on a tour of West Bengal. Amid the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, a wave of political rallies of leaders continued in Bengal. The Minister of the Interior criticized the opposition in Tehta a day before the fifth stage of voting in the state. There are tourist leaders in the country, he said, attacking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. The minister simply took the name of Rahul Gandhi and said, “Many stages of voting have ended, but Rahul Baba has not appeared anywhere. A rally has just been held and has spoken about the BJP’s DNA. Don’t ask about our DNA because it reflects development, nationalism and self-reliance.” in India.

The confidence is granted to grant citizenship to people who have lived in India for 70 years

Addressing the audience, Amit Shah also said, “Those who came here 70 years ago, are living the refugee life in their country, the BJP will work on granting them citizenship. A fund of 100 crores of rupees will be created for refugees who get citizenship under the prime minister.

As Amit Shah said to stop infiltration into Bengal

At the same time, Amit Shah said in his speech: “Should we not stop infiltration into Bengal? Hackers are taking the jobs of our youth, taking away the pills of the poor. If the infiltration continues in Bengal, believe me, it will pose a threat not only to Bengal but to the entire country.”

Please say that four stages of voting have taken place in West Bengal. And now, within the framework of the fifth phase, elections are being held for 45 seats in six regions on April 17th, that is, tomorrow. Votes will be counted on May 2.

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