A young man rapes a health worker!

A young man rapes a health worker!

These days, the incidence of rape is increasing in the country. Every day, a rape incident comes from somewhere, and one of these incidents came from the city of Rewa in the state of Madhya Pradesh, where a case of rape of an employee of the Ministry of Health appeared.

According to the information received, the police said that the woman left the hospital to go home with her younger sister. When he was on the way, an acquaintance of her brother was found, and he asks the woman and her younger sister to leave the house and sit in it and take her to a place.

Where the accused raped the woman and her younger brother indulged in immoral behavior with the woman’s younger sister, then the accused escaped by throwing a brick rod and then the woman filed a complaint with the police against the accused, and the police arrested the accused. .

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